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Welcome to the dnc4U website

You are welcome to download our software and try before you buy. Our dnc4U dnc software will allow you 60 days before it expires.

For Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 & Win 10
(Including all 32bit/64bit versions as applicable)
Download dnc4U ZIP Install FileEXE Install File
    Vista, Windows 7, 8 & 10 Users

Please install for the first time with administrator rights. After installation, if the program does not seem to run, right-mouse-click the dnc4U icon and "run-as-administrator"
To Install ZIP:- Download the file to your computer, double click to open up the zip, extract the exe file to somewhere you remember, and then run the exe file with full admin rights.
To Install EXE:- Download the file to your computer, double click the exe file with full admin rights.
To Un-Install:- You can uninstall our software from your computer at any time.

We use Avast Anti-Virus, and it is very good. However, when we update a setup exe file to the web and download, Avast has sometimes reported that it's reputation is low (because we have just updated it). Do not select "Abort the connection", but select "Complete the download". In addition, if you have also selected to run programs in the Avast Sandbox, then the first time you run the dnc4U installation, and the subsequent dnc4U program (and optional plugins), it will first run in the sandbox. When Avast has run for a while, and has found no problems - you should then click "Continue Execution".