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NC Code Editor

dnc4U is our latest easy to use DNC software program for transferring NC programs swiftly and efficiently between your computer and any type of CNC machine tool that supports the RS232 serial interface. With dnc4U you can dripfeed unlimited filesize programs to standard protocol CNCs as well as those using Heidenhain blockwise, Haas Xmodem, and Fadal Xmodem protocols.

You can set up to 64 CNC machines per computer for RS232 transfer using standard real or virtual com ports, USB to RS232 adapters, PCMCIA and Express cards, direct socket TCP/IP ethernet transfers to wireless or ethernet device servers, and client FTP transfers to ethernet enabled CNC servers.

Data transfer can be block, dripfeed, pure binary or executive tape transfer modes. Also included is our DNC Wizard for automatic baudrate, parity and word length detection, a CNC debug window for analyzing CNC data outputs, and a loop back tester; additional features include restart after tool break, transfer from cursor point, multiple file repeat and program scheduling using our file queue.

It has a combined color coded NC editor for easy code editing, GCode Inserter for automatic code insertion, and many other NC code specific tools such as resequence, desequence, axis transformation, formatter and many more. In addition there is an NC file synchronizer tool, file merge, side by side file compare, multiple transfer file split and job queue.

ASCII and EIA codesets are fully supported along with support for old paper tape punch machines and man-readables.

All this is built on our many years experience (since 1995) of software development, onsite CNC machine tool installations and thousands of online software sales Worldwide.

Our 60 day fully functional free trial software (nothing crippled) is only available direct from us, the developers. That's why our price is so low and combined with free-lifetime program upgrades and zero annual maintenance charges, we think it's the best value DNC software program there is around.


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